COUNTRY BEAN(IPSA-2) শিম (ইপসা-২)


Experience quality cultivation with IPSA-2 Country Bean seeds. Grow flavorful and nutritious country beans that elevate your garden. Start your journey to excellence with these exceptional seeds.

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IPSA-2 Country Bean Seeds: Cultivating Excellence

Embark on a journey of excellence in cultivation with IPSA-2 Country Bean seeds. These seeds hold the promise of yielding remarkable country beans, a testament to their quality and potential. Discover the unique qualities that define IPSA-2 seeds, as they empower you to cultivate beans that thrive with flavor and nutrition. Elevate your gardening experience by sowing IPSA-2 Country Bean seeds and witnessing the transformation of your garden into a source of wholesome goodness.

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10 Seeds, 20 g


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