Long Snake Gourd 10 Grams


Long Snake Gourd


Price: 8.00$ ( Small Pack – 10 seeds )


Germination Rate (approx.): 80%+

Physical Purity (Min): 98%

Genetic Purity (Min): 98%


Germination Temperature: 25 °C to 30°C



Exploring the Benefits and Culinary Versatility of Long Snake Gourd

Long Snake Gourd, with its elongated shape and mild taste, is a versatile vegetable that’s gaining popularity for both its nutritional benefits and its ability to elevate a variety of dishes. Packed with vitamins and dietary fiber, this gourd offers a healthy addition to your diet. From curries to stir-fries, discover creative ways to incorporate the goodness of Long Snake Gourd into your meals while enjoying its unique texture and flavor. Explore its potential health advantages and culinary adaptability today.


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