WATER SPINACH (EVER GREEN) কলমি শাক (এভার গ্রিন) SEEDS


Discover the nutritional powerhouse of water spinach, or Kangkong. With its crispness and versatility, Kangkong adds a burst of freshness to diverse dishes. Uncover the reasons behind its global popularity and explore the numerous ways to enjoy this nutrient-packed green.


Explore the Evergreen Delight: Water Spinach

Discover the vibrant world of water spinach, commonly known as Kangkong. This evergreen leafy vegetable, known for its crisp texture and subtle flavor, is a staple in many cuisines. With its rich nutritional profile and versatility in various dishes, water spinach adds a refreshing touch to your culinary endeavors. Explore creative ways to incorporate this nutritious gem into your meals, and learn why Kangkong’s enduring popularity has made it a cherished ingredient across the globe.

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